Rambam Bekius

Birkas ha'Mitzvah on Sefiras ha'Omer - Part 2 (Hilchos Temidin u'Mussafin 7:25)

May 05, 2022 Rabbi Matt Schneeweiss Season 8 Episode 6
Rambam Bekius
Birkas ha'Mitzvah on Sefiras ha'Omer - Part 2 (Hilchos Temidin u'Mussafin 7:25)
Show Notes

This afternoon (5/5/22), in our Rambam Bekius chavurah, we began by reviewing what we covered yesterday in the Hararei Kedem pience, and then finished it. In addition to appreciating the Rav's sevaros, we also had some important methodology discussions about the Brisker Derech and its relationship to the Mishneh Torah. Next week (בג"ה) we'll return to Hilchos Talmud Torah Chapter 6.
רב שורקין - הררי קדם חלק ב' סימן קו
שולחן ערוך אורח חיים תפט:א,ד
רמ"א שם תפט:א
רמב"ם: משנה תורה, ספר עבודה, הלכות תמידין ומוספין ז:כה
כסף משנה שם
The Torah content from now through Lag ba'Omer has been sponsored by Adam and Estee Goldberg in honor of Savta Shoshana Sham'eh bat Menachem. May her memory be a blessing.
Bekius Disclaimer:
Note that this is a bekius chavurah - as opposed to an iyun shiur. Each session consists of us reading through the Rambam's writings together without much preparation on my part, and without going into depth by consulting commentaries or primary sources. For all these reasons, there are bound to be inaccuracies, errors, and other types of shortcomings which would not be acceptable in a prepared shiur, but are quite typical of a bekius chavurah. Please bear this in mind, and know what you're signing up for when you listen!
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